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Family and Friends….. January 19, 2009

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Ok, so my friend Heather has this amazing blog that she shares with her friends and family.  Living far away from the majority of my family and friends and with a baby on the way a blog seemed perfect.  So here it is, my attempt to share my life happenings via blogging on this site.  There will be more to come and lots to share.  I am sure that between Jay, Faith, Sophie, Jake and very soon Riley I will have lots to share!


3 Responses to “Family and Friends…..”

  1. Mom/Nana Says:

    I’m so excited. What a wonderful idea. Such a great way for us to be able to see whats going on with you, Jay, my grandkids and grandpuppies!

  2. mamajill Says:

    I thought so…. You can thank Heather. You should read her’s, it is too funny!

  3. Sherry Lynn Says:

    This is really a great idea Jill. I mean Mama Jill. I love it! You can share all those funny, cute little stories about Riley and we wont miss a thing.

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