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Geez I’m tired…. January 20, 2009

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Ok, I don’t know if my doggies know I am about to have a newborn or not. I am beginning to think that they do and want me to be ready. And here is why. I already know that many of you will think I am crazy but my dogs sleep with us. Yes, all 140 pounds of them (Sophie is 60 pounds and Jake is 80 pounds). Last week Jake wakes me in the middle of the night retching so I jump up and try to scoot him outside. He doesn’t make it. So there I am at 3:30 am scrubbing puke out of my carpet with Sophie standing over me with great curiosity as to what I am doing. Finally I get it cleaned up and let Jake back inside and we all return to bed, time is 4:15 am. I get up for work at 5:30 am. Here is the best part…..Jay is sawing logs. No, better yet  it sounds like a freight train is in our bedroom. He doesn’t even budge. Then, last night it is Sophie’s turn. 2:45 am. The retching begins and I jump-to and try to get Sophie downstairs. (I could blow a fog horn and Jay wouldn’t know the difference, but a soft retch catapults me from bed).  We only make it to the top of the stairs. My next goal is the hardwoods in the kitchen for the second round of puke. There is never just one. And remember, these dogs are BIG so they puke BIG. I might as well be cleaning up my own puke! (Hope I am not offending anyone) So here I am scrubbing puke out of my carpet and then the wood floors. I get Sophie from outside and we go back to bed. The whole sleeping while all this is happening MUST be a guy thing! Jake never even budged.  He and Jay were both in the same positions they were when all this began. It is now 3:20 am, but now I can’t sleep. I can only lay there and wonder…….is this soon going to be my life? Will I be a creature of the night cleaning up puke while my husband peacefully sleeps?????


2 Responses to “Geez I’m tired….”

  1. Riley's Nana Says:

    This was hilarious! Thanks for the belly laugh!

  2. Riley's Nana Says:

    This was hilarious – thanks for the belly laugh!!

    You may get this twice – sending it a second time since didn’t seem to post the first time

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