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Funny boy….. January 27, 2009

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I know, I know, I am already slipping up on adding to my blog. I am going to work on posting on a regular basis. This pregnancy has me feeling really run down and tired. Although I should probably get used to feeling tired and run down. I have been having some swelling in my feet and ankles. My doctor told me that walking would help push the fluid back up towards my heart and therefore relieve the swelling. So I have started walking. I should have been doing this the whole time but never felt like I had the energy. So with doctor’s orders I am out walking everyday that it isn’t snowing. Sophie and Jake LOVE the doctor’s orders and get really excited. As I was finishing up my walk on the first day I pass by my neighbor’s house and their little boys are outside playing. These neighbors also happen to be our friends. Jacob is the youngest he is hilarious, he starts every sentence with “Hey, you know what?” I respond with “What” and then he has to think of something to say. Not today! He said “Hey, you know what?” I replied “What?” Without hesitation he says “I want to walk your big crazy dogs!” I explained to him that we were finished with our walk for the day. He thought for a moment and said “Well then, tomorrow I’ll walk your big crazy dogs” I agreed and headed home. The next day after work I really didn’t want to go for a walk, but I had made a promise to Jacob. So I waited for him to get home for the evening and then headed down the street. I rang the bell and I could hear him yelling from inside the house “Hey, Hey I am gettin’ my shoes on DON’T leave”. Did I mention that he is from East Texas and has the thickest accent I have ever heard? So we get on our way and Jacob chooses to walk Jake and I walk Sophie. As we are walking Jake stops to use the bathroom (lifting his leg). I can see Jacob watching this with his head tilted to the side. Finally he looks up at me and says “Does Jake always pee like that?” I say yes and think nothing of it. Jacob’s mind is going, I can see the wheels turning. Then he looks up at me and says “Did Jay teach him that?” Yes, he asked if Jay my husband taught Jake how to lift his leg to pee! I replied “No. That is how boys go to the bathroom.” He thinks for a moment and then says “No, I know boy dogs who pee like Sophie…. And there is NO way I can pee sideways”. It was the best laugh I have had in a long time.  As we get back home he hands me the leash and says “See ya tomorrow”. I guess I now have a new walking partner, at least it will be entertaining!



2 Responses to “Funny boy…..”

  1. mamajill Says:

    One of my fav pics of my “family”

  2. Sherry Lynn Says:

    That was a cute story about Jacob and Jake. Wish we would have had time to get down there and meet him. He sounds like a cutie! P.S. I miss Sophie and Jake!!!!

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