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Riley 4th of July weekend July 9, 2009

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Well, Riley is 13 weeks old and I am writing my first blog! Not what I had intended to do, but here we are and so here I go. Riley is growing so fast and is such a ball of fun. He is smiling and cooing and trying to hold his head up for longer periods of time.

For Riley’s first 4th of July we went to Fort Collins to Mamere and Moper’s to spend the weekend. Faith was excited to get to see her brother and we had a great time. On Saturday we went to the club and Faith got to swim while Mamere, Riley and I sat poolside sipping ice tea while the boys played golf. Later in the evening we had dinner and then watched fireworks. Riley slept through the whole thing! There was loud music along with the loud fireworks. He really takes after his Daddy in that area. Here is a picture of Riley with Moper “golfing”. 


On Sunday we went shopping with Mamere and Faith and got some really cute clothes from Mamere. Here are a few pictures of Riley in his new outfits. He is turning into such a little man.








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