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Just do it…. October 2, 2009

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So I have NOT been a good “blogger” to say the least.  I have felt that I needed to be this great writer and have lots of amazing tales.  Well, I can’t seem to find the time to do this between working and spending time with Riley and my husband.  That being said instead of worrying about what a blog should or should not “be”, I am going to just blog.  Some days it might be lots of words, some days not as many, and other days it might only be pictures.  I want to remember this amazing time in my life…..but not at the expense of my time with Riley and Jay.  So I will do what I can and when I can and not worry about what this should be.   

Here are a few pictures to catch up on a few milestones.  We are eating cereal, green bean baby food, and squash baby food.  Riley loves the dogs, Sophie and Jake, always smiling at them when they walk by.  He likes to “talk” on the phone with Nana.  Faith makes him REALLY laugh out loud all just by looking at him.  We are having an amazing time and really enjoying our little boy!  


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