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Fun Weekend October 18, 2009

Filed under: Family — mamajill @ 12:54 pm

My mom is in town this weekend and we have had a wonderful time!  I love when my family comes to visit.  Mom stayed home with Riley so Jay and I could go to dinner on Saturday night.  We went to the melting pot and had a fabulous time.  Mom got to spend some alone time with Riley which she thought was a really good deal 🙂  Mom also got to see Riley eating solid foods for the first time (in person vs video).  He had prunes and I think they are his favorite, he can’t seem to get enough.  Not such a good thing as far as nasty diapers go!  Mom, Riley and I are heading to Nordstrom’s to do a little shopping today.  Always a good time.  My mom is such a great shopper, always finds the cute stuff.  Here are some pics of this weekend.

The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot


Oh, I found the BEST pj’s for Riley.  Kicky Pants, but can’t find any other styles.  Anyone know where I can get them online?  (Prints not solids)


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