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Things that used to drive me crazy….. October 6, 2009

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I now think are the cutest things!  Before I had Riley, if there was a kid in the grocery store screaming I would think “control your child”.  I know, I know!  Well Riley has learned he can squeal and can do so loudly.  He thinks it is fantastic (don’t tell, but so do I)!  After he lets a really loud one rip he looks at me with sheer delight and the biggest smile!  I can’t get enough…….for now anyway 🙂


Just do it…. October 2, 2009

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So I have NOT been a good “blogger” to say the least.  I have felt that I needed to be this great writer and have lots of amazing tales.  Well, I can’t seem to find the time to do this between working and spending time with Riley and my husband.  That being said instead of worrying about what a blog should or should not “be”, I am going to just blog.  Some days it might be lots of words, some days not as many, and other days it might only be pictures.  I want to remember this amazing time in my life…..but not at the expense of my time with Riley and Jay.  So I will do what I can and when I can and not worry about what this should be.   

Here are a few pictures to catch up on a few milestones.  We are eating cereal, green bean baby food, and squash baby food.  Riley loves the dogs, Sophie and Jake, always smiling at them when they walk by.  He likes to “talk” on the phone with Nana.  Faith makes him REALLY laugh out loud all just by looking at him.  We are having an amazing time and really enjoying our little boy!  


Bad things that I LOVE! July 28, 2009

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Things I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…….and wish I had never tried…. As I am losing the last 2 pounds of baby weight and then starting to work on the other 30 I would like to lose I often find myself dreaming of all things bad for me. So I thought I would make a list of all the things that I love but shouldn’t. My mouth is watering just thinking of them. So here goes. (these things are NOT allowed in my house, except on special occasions)

1. sacks of mini powdered doughnuts. NOT the ones in the box, the ones that come in a news paper like sack.

2. Cheese Doritos

3. Velveeta and rotel (I can eat the whole thing)

4. chicken in a biscuit crackers

5. Totino’s pizza rolls

6. cream cheese with salsa and tortilla chips

7. artichoke dip…..even store bought! (yep, it is that bad)

So what are the things that you wish you never laid eyes on? Or should I say “never touched to your lips”


Baseball,beautiful weather,family time July 13, 2009

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We had a nice weekend together as a family. Riley is really starting to be a big boy. He is holding his head up and looking around when I hold him. He is “talking” more and more and has even squealed a few times! I am just waiting for him to really laugh out loud. We almost have it down so that he can sleep all night. Right now I put him down pretty late, about 10:45pm and he sleeps until 5:00 am or so. I am going to start slowly backing this up every week or so by 15 min as he can sleep for longer periods. He has been on this routine for about 1 week now. I am so proud of my big boy. We dropped my car off to get the oil changed on Saturday and took advantage of a beautiful Colorado day and walked home. Riley looked so cute in his shades and his little hat.


On Sunday Jay, Faith and I went to the Rockies baseball game, and Riley got to spend the day with MaMere. We had a wonderful time and Faith was on her very best behavior. She is such a good little girl and makes me so proud! Faith had a good time with a little friend of hers named Hannah.  They ate all kinds of goodies-cotton candie, dippin dots, soda and I am sure more that I am not aware of!  Faith watched more of the game than she ever has before, comes with age I guess, and really enjoyed it!  I, like a ding-dong, forgot my camera so we don’t have any pictures of our outing. I will be better in the future about remembering. All in all we had a great weekend however uneventful it was.


Riley 4th of July weekend July 9, 2009

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Well, Riley is 13 weeks old and I am writing my first blog! Not what I had intended to do, but here we are and so here I go. Riley is growing so fast and is such a ball of fun. He is smiling and cooing and trying to hold his head up for longer periods of time.

For Riley’s first 4th of July we went to Fort Collins to Mamere and Moper’s to spend the weekend. Faith was excited to get to see her brother and we had a great time. On Saturday we went to the club and Faith got to swim while Mamere, Riley and I sat poolside sipping ice tea while the boys played golf. Later in the evening we had dinner and then watched fireworks. Riley slept through the whole thing! There was loud music along with the loud fireworks. He really takes after his Daddy in that area. Here is a picture of Riley with Moper “golfing”. 


On Sunday we went shopping with Mamere and Faith and got some really cute clothes from Mamere. Here are a few pictures of Riley in his new outfits. He is turning into such a little man.








Funny boy….. January 27, 2009

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I know, I know, I am already slipping up on adding to my blog. I am going to work on posting on a regular basis. This pregnancy has me feeling really run down and tired. Although I should probably get used to feeling tired and run down. I have been having some swelling in my feet and ankles. My doctor told me that walking would help push the fluid back up towards my heart and therefore relieve the swelling. So I have started walking. I should have been doing this the whole time but never felt like I had the energy. So with doctor’s orders I am out walking everyday that it isn’t snowing. Sophie and Jake LOVE the doctor’s orders and get really excited. As I was finishing up my walk on the first day I pass by my neighbor’s house and their little boys are outside playing. These neighbors also happen to be our friends. Jacob is the youngest he is hilarious, he starts every sentence with “Hey, you know what?” I respond with “What” and then he has to think of something to say. Not today! He said “Hey, you know what?” I replied “What?” Without hesitation he says “I want to walk your big crazy dogs!” I explained to him that we were finished with our walk for the day. He thought for a moment and said “Well then, tomorrow I’ll walk your big crazy dogs” I agreed and headed home. The next day after work I really didn’t want to go for a walk, but I had made a promise to Jacob. So I waited for him to get home for the evening and then headed down the street. I rang the bell and I could hear him yelling from inside the house “Hey, Hey I am gettin’ my shoes on DON’T leave”. Did I mention that he is from East Texas and has the thickest accent I have ever heard? So we get on our way and Jacob chooses to walk Jake and I walk Sophie. As we are walking Jake stops to use the bathroom (lifting his leg). I can see Jacob watching this with his head tilted to the side. Finally he looks up at me and says “Does Jake always pee like that?” I say yes and think nothing of it. Jacob’s mind is going, I can see the wheels turning. Then he looks up at me and says “Did Jay teach him that?” Yes, he asked if Jay my husband taught Jake how to lift his leg to pee! I replied “No. That is how boys go to the bathroom.” He thinks for a moment and then says “No, I know boy dogs who pee like Sophie…. And there is NO way I can pee sideways”. It was the best laugh I have had in a long time.  As we get back home he hands me the leash and says “See ya tomorrow”. I guess I now have a new walking partner, at least it will be entertaining!



Geez I’m tired…. January 20, 2009

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Ok, I don’t know if my doggies know I am about to have a newborn or not. I am beginning to think that they do and want me to be ready. And here is why. I already know that many of you will think I am crazy but my dogs sleep with us. Yes, all 140 pounds of them (Sophie is 60 pounds and Jake is 80 pounds). Last week Jake wakes me in the middle of the night retching so I jump up and try to scoot him outside. He doesn’t make it. So there I am at 3:30 am scrubbing puke out of my carpet with Sophie standing over me with great curiosity as to what I am doing. Finally I get it cleaned up and let Jake back inside and we all return to bed, time is 4:15 am. I get up for work at 5:30 am. Here is the best part…..Jay is sawing logs. No, better yet  it sounds like a freight train is in our bedroom. He doesn’t even budge. Then, last night it is Sophie’s turn. 2:45 am. The retching begins and I jump-to and try to get Sophie downstairs. (I could blow a fog horn and Jay wouldn’t know the difference, but a soft retch catapults me from bed).  We only make it to the top of the stairs. My next goal is the hardwoods in the kitchen for the second round of puke. There is never just one. And remember, these dogs are BIG so they puke BIG. I might as well be cleaning up my own puke! (Hope I am not offending anyone) So here I am scrubbing puke out of my carpet and then the wood floors. I get Sophie from outside and we go back to bed. The whole sleeping while all this is happening MUST be a guy thing! Jake never even budged.  He and Jay were both in the same positions they were when all this began. It is now 3:20 am, but now I can’t sleep. I can only lay there and wonder…….is this soon going to be my life? Will I be a creature of the night cleaning up puke while my husband peacefully sleeps?????