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Love that lean October 21, 2009

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I completely forgot to write about this last week. When my mom got into town on Friday we went to pick Riley up from school. Of course mom grabbed him first and was loving on him and he was loving mom right back! Getting a bit jealous, picking Riley up from school is my favorite part of everyday, I clap my hands and hold them out in front of Riley. Riley looks at me, looks at my hands, gets a sweet smile on his sweet little face and he…………LEANS for me to take him!!!! It melted my heart and once again confirmed that this is what life is all about. Having a little one means not getting to be selfish, not having extra money, and always putting someone before yourself. And just let me say, TOTALLY WORTH IT! I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I just read what I wrote and it got me thinking. We (the human race) tend to focus on the things going wrong or what we don’t have, etc, etc, etc. It is easy to get wrapped up in that so I just want to write a short list of things I am thankful for.

My husband

Faith & Riley-need I say more!!

My parents & brothers- amazing people, so blessed

My in-laws & sister-in-law again, amazing people, so blessed

Roof over our heads

Food on the table

Heat in the winter/Air in the summer


Baseball,beautiful weather,family time July 13, 2009

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We had a nice weekend together as a family. Riley is really starting to be a big boy. He is holding his head up and looking around when I hold him. He is “talking” more and more and has even squealed a few times! I am just waiting for him to really laugh out loud. We almost have it down so that he can sleep all night. Right now I put him down pretty late, about 10:45pm and he sleeps until 5:00 am or so. I am going to start slowly backing this up every week or so by 15 min as he can sleep for longer periods. He has been on this routine for about 1 week now. I am so proud of my big boy. We dropped my car off to get the oil changed on Saturday and took advantage of a beautiful Colorado day and walked home. Riley looked so cute in his shades and his little hat.


On Sunday Jay, Faith and I went to the Rockies baseball game, and Riley got to spend the day with MaMere. We had a wonderful time and Faith was on her very best behavior. She is such a good little girl and makes me so proud! Faith had a good time with a little friend of hers named Hannah.  They ate all kinds of goodies-cotton candie, dippin dots, soda and I am sure more that I am not aware of!  Faith watched more of the game than she ever has before, comes with age I guess, and really enjoyed it!  I, like a ding-dong, forgot my camera so we don’t have any pictures of our outing. I will be better in the future about remembering. All in all we had a great weekend however uneventful it was.